Frequently Asked Questions

For tutors:

1. How do I become tutor?

1. Sign up free and create your free account here
2. Log in with your email id and password
3. Go to profile page and click on “ Edit “. Check Your Profile details. Click Tutor tab to fill the profile.
4. Choose the Subject You teach .Fill all details like your preferred rate, at what level you want to teach etc…
5. Add your photo ( student choose profiles with pictures more than without one )
6. Save your profile and start to teach !How do I get students ?
Log in often, check your email and don’t let students wait too long for your reply. If you don’t reply before the requested time of the lesson, you will lose that student forever. Utorialz will send an email to you each time you receive a message from the student, but to make absolutely sure you never miss a new lesson, you can enter your phone number in your profile, and we will send you SMS each time you receive a new request for lesson. Best part – it’s free 🙂


Add your photo and detailed information about yourself and your experience.
Tutors with a photo receive more lessons than those without one!

2. How do we teach?

At present we use SKYPE to teach, you can share your email and whats app once the trust builds, you can use different materials, videos and references as per your convenience to teach.

3. How do I get paid ?

You can get paid via PayPal or bank/ wire transfer/ paytm
Payment will be on monthly basis
At end of each month, you can send copy of invoice with filled details and get paid within few hours.
Mention properly how many students and which specific subjects you have taken class for.
Our services will be 20% of your fees + GST.

4. How can I get in touch with students ?

We will provide details of students who is available for you according to your qualification, experience and profession.
You will get students’ details and phone number once the trust will be established.

5. How do I get rating and appraisal in fees ?

Depending on the work you are doing. We here in want dedicated and qualified tutors who make learning an enjoyable experience for students.
Normally after 30 hours of learning experience, if student remained with same tutor, we recommend appraisal in fees.

For students:

1 .Do I need to register?

Yes and its free, it only takes few seconds

2. What can I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

If you are having difficulties remembering your registered password please email us or go to “get in touch “ and send us the message. An email with further instructions will be sent directly to your registered email address. Check your mailbox in order to locate the password retrieval link.

3. How do I start learning?

Sign up free and create account

4. How do I contact tutor?

After booking your lesson, you will get message about all details of your tutor.

5. How do I pay for lesson?

You can use bank/wire transfer or Paypal/ instamojo/ debit or credit card to book lesson
You always pay in advance, however a tutor does not show up for lesson you won’t get charged.
If you are late or does not show up for lesson, payment can not be refunded.

6. How much it costs?

It vary according to your country of residence and your level of learning.

For tutors:

Find tutor
Schedule free lesson if you are not sure about how learning online experience will be
Make easy payment
Book your first lesson
Enjoy learning safe, secure and live

For any other Queries :
Please email us at OR Go to “ Get in touch” section and message us.